Teenaa koutou and welcome to the Hereturikookaa-August 2023 edition of the Waikato Regional Theatre Construction Update. 

Progress on site

Work on site continues to progress well, with the following having been underway over the last month.

  • Concrete pours on the raft slabs (foundations) of the Theatre.

  • Erection of shear walls.

  • Installation of the composite flooring.

  • Excavation work.

  • Design and planning work on details such as the development of shop drawings.

As flagged previously, activities undertaken over this period have been, and will continue to be, essentially the same over several issues of these Updates.

Significant events coming up

The following is expected to occur in August.

  • Final excavations under the heritage façade, which is done by hand.

  • Pouring of the concrete to the second composite floor.

  • Erection of structural steel.

  • Backfill activities.

  • Shear wall and raft slab activities.

The Theatre site looking south-west in early July.

Overall Programme

Completion of the building is now set for the fourth quarter of 2024, which will be followed by the kitting out and set up of the venue operation, with the Theatre expected to open in early 2025.

Here is the newly updated Construction Timeline.

  • Set-up and site prep - COMPLETED

  • Demolition - Largely completed.

  • Earthworks - Commenced, due for completion October 2023.

  • Foundations - Commenced, due for completion October 2023.

  • Structure - Commenced, due for completion June 2024.

  • Envelope - Due for completion third quarter 2024.

  • Fit-out - Due for completion fourth quarter 2024.

  • Construction complete - Fourth quarter 2024.


Foster Construction team email for any queries relating to this project - queries.wrt@fosters.co.nz.

About this Update…

These Waikato Regional Theatre Construction Updates are produced by Graeme Ward and Georgia Osman from RDT Pacific, the Theatre’s Overall Project Manager, assisted by Mark Servian from Momentum Waikato, their Communications and Marketing Manager.

These newsletter issues are posted at the website waikatoregionaltheatre.co.nz – the dedicated web address for construction news and contacts, separate from Momentum Waikato’s theatre community and fundraising site sharethestage.co.nz.