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Welcome to the Waikato Regional Theatre Construction Update for July 2022.

A significant milestone in the Theatre project was reached last week with the start of the ‘enabling works’, namely the excavation for the foundations and associated infrastructure connections.

Infrastructure work completed in June included the wastewater redirection and the removal of the WEL transformer on Sapper Moore-Jones Place.

As noted here previously, all earthwork-related activities are actively monitored by mana whenua kaitiaki and Heritage New Zealand representatives, and to date there have been no discoveries of note.

Meanwhile, the site team are still installing the retention frame for the Victoria Street façade and chipping away at the remaining careful internal demolition work - whilst it is hoped this will be completed sooner rather than later, the team are applying a philosophy of ‘do it once and do it right’, so are only progressing as quickly as the conditions allow.


Progress on Site

June saw the achievement of the following works.

  • Soft strip of the internal hotel and shop fronts continues.

  • Wastewater re-direction completed.

  • Wheel wash commissioned.

  • Heritage basement strengthening works continued.

  • Lower Sapper Moore-Jones site fence realigned.

  • Façade retention pile caps completed.

  • Façade retention structural steel installation commenced.

  • Phase 1 Excavation commenced.


Significant Events in the Next Month

The following is set to be achieved in July.

  • Demolition of heritage basement completed.

  • Ground-retention piling site established and piling commences.

  • Excavation continues in the lower part of the site.

  • Façade retention structural steel installation continues.

  • Heritage-basement foundations and wall strengthening continues.

  • Victoria Street slip lane setup commences week of 5 July.


Overall Programme

The project is currently tracking as per dates below.

  • Site set-up          August – October 2021

  • Demolition          November 2021 – July 2022

  • Earthworks         June – September 2022

  • Foundations       August 2022 – February 2023

  • Structure             December 2022 – May 2023

  • Envelope             April – August 2023

  • Fit-out                  June 2023 – April 2024

  • Completion        May – June 2024.



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About this Update…

These Waikato Regional Theatre Construction Updates are produced by Graeme Ward from RDT Pacific, the Theatre’s Overall Project Manager, assisted by Mark Servian from Momentum Waikato, their Communications and Marketing Manager.

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