Teenaa koutou and welcome to the Pipiri-June 2024 edition of the Waikato Regional Theatre Construction Update. The year is flying by and construction is matching the pace.


Progress on site

Highlights from the last month.

  • Installation of the canopy steel around the heritage façade.

  • Pouring of Level 2 of the north-west corner – the new bit extending north from the former Hamilton Hotel heritage frontage, will be part of the commercial street-front premises.

  • Installation of the structural steel forming the blade walls facing the river (circled below).

  • Progression of the blockwork in the back-of-house areas.

  • Pouring of shear walls across the site.

  • Installation of the steel forms for the foyer stairs.

  • Erection of structural steel across the site.

Significant events coming up

The following progress is expected to occur in the next month.

  • Continuation of structural steel installation across the site – it gets higher and higher...

  • Commence installation of secondary steel.

  • Lots more concrete pours – shear walls and floors.

Note that to date, 6,200m3 of concrete has been poured on site, the equivalent of around 2.5 Olympic swimming pools.


Overall Programme

The WRT’s construction programme has been updated as follows.

  • Site Set Up                                          Completed

  • Demo                                                    Completed

  • Earthworks                                         Completed

  • Foundations                                       Completed

  • Structure                                             Commenced - Due for Completion early 2025

  • Envelope                                             Commenced - Due for Completion mid 2025

  • Construction Completion              Due for Completion 2025

  • Fit out and Commissioning           Due for Completion 2025



Foster Construction team email for any queries relating to this project - queries.wrt@fosters.co.nz.


About this Update…

These Waikato Regional Theatre Construction Updates are produced by Graeme Ward and Georgia Osman from RDT Pacific, the Theatre’s Overall Project Manager, assisted by Mark Servian from Momentum Waikato, their Communications and Marketing Manager.

These newsletter issues are posted at the website waikatoregionaltheatre.co.nz – the dedicated web address for construction news and contacts, separate from Momentum Waikato’s theatre community and fundraising site sharethestage.co.nz.