Teenaa koutou and welcome to the Mahuru-September 2023 edition of the Waikato Regional Theatre Construction Update.

August had a few frosty mornings, but spring weather looks like it’s on the way and daylight saving arrives soon, so work on site is set to get easier.


Progress on site

Highlights from August 2023.

Works on site continues to progress well. As mentioned in previous updates, the activities during this period of the build are largely similar to previous and future updates.

These include the following.

  • Installation of steel reinforcing for the raft slabs (foundations).

  • Concrete pours on the raft slabs of the Theatre.

  • Construction of shear walls.

  • Erection of structural steel.

  • Design and planning work, such as the development of shop drawings.


Significant events coming up

The following progress is expected to occur in September.

  • Erection of structural steel.

  • Backfill activities.

  • Shear wall and raft slab activities.

  • Mechanical plant being put into position.

The Theatre site seen from the yellow crane in late August. Photo: Waikato Times.

Overall Programme

Completion of the building is set for the fourth quarter of 2024, which will be followed by the kitting out and set up of the venue operation, with the Theatre expected to open in early 2025.

  • Set-up and site prep       COMPLETED

  • Demolition                      Largely completed

  • Earthworks                         Commenced, due for completion October 2023

  • Foundations                       Commenced, due for completion October 2023

  • Structure                            Commenced, due for completion June 2024

  • Envelope                            Due for completion third quarter 2024

  • Fit-out                                Due for completion fourth quarter 2024

  • Construction complete  Fourth quarter 2024.



Foster Construction team email for any queries relating to this project - queries.wrt@fosters.co.nz.


About this Update…

These Waikato Regional Theatre Construction Updates are produced by Graeme Ward and Georgia Osman from RDT Pacific, the Theatre’s Overall Project Manager, assisted by Mark Servian from Momentum Waikato, their Communications and Marketing Manager.

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